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The Sterling Barrel...

...The Plater’s Choice




Developed by platers for platers. Sterling's original mesh barrel* provided the first practical method for plating a wide range of thin or miniature parts. When Sterling developed the square hole cylinder, the combination of maximum solution transfer and current flow in a tough, durable unit became practical for all your barrel plating needs.

Of equal importance is the straightforward overall design that recognizes the plater's need for equipment which operates day after day, year after year, without constant attention. If required, Sterling's exclusive motor cartridge can be changed in seconds...or the cylinder quickly replaced -- to keep your system going.

Backing up this performance and common sense design is Sterling's reputation for quick response to unusual requirements plus an un-matched stock of complete barrels, components and accessories for off-the-shelf-delivery. Add up the advantages. Sterling...the best system to solve your plating problems.

Certain Sterling cylinders feature this unique end panel mesh construction. This additional mesh provides even greater solution and current transfer resulting in faster, more uniform plating with reduced dragout. Another design improvement from the long-time leader in portable plating barrels...Sterling. For complete ordering information, please contact our factory or consult your Sterling representative.

*U.S. Patent Nos. 3472753, 3498902 Other domestic and global patents also apply.