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The Button Contact



Sterling's Button Contact and Rotating Center Bar Barrels feature our exclusive rotating DC contact for maximum current supply and easy maintenance. Sterling has designed many button contact barrels to handle a wide range of load sizes. Barrels are made for plating everything from delicate wire leads to nuts and bolts.

All models feature our exclusive interchangeable motor cartridge. Our convenient clutch allows rapid positioning of the cylinder when loading or removing your parts. Barrels come equipped with stainless hardware below solution level for most applications with titanium hardware available for strong acid baths. Mesh types B, C, C-1, or square hole cylinders are available.



Available in 612, 8512, and 918 sizes.


All items shown here are standard or special designs from Sterling. While these items are not all carried in stock, they are available on short lead time. Please consult factory or your Sterling representative.