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Custom Automatic Barrels



Whatever your plating needs, Sterling has a system that will work for you. Engineering firms frequently look to us for optimum barrel utilization in their plating barrel designs.

Sterling builds original replacement equipment for all types of automatic barrel or rack lines. The most exotic transfer mechanisms or contact assemblies are no problem at Sterling. Our only limitation is your imagination.


Model 918 Custom

A perfect example of how Sterling can meet your plating needs. This model is built to fit an automatic plating line. This configuration is equipped with horn contacts for plating current and drive power and electrified top contacts for cylinder rotation between stations. A variable speed cylinder motor operates on low voltage AC. All Sterling barrels can be adapted to your present or proposed transfer mechanisms.



All items shown here are standard or special designs from Sterling. While these items are not all carried in stock, they are available on short lead time. Please consult factory or your Sterling representative.